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Gruffalo childrens bedding | CHILDRENS BEDDING |  Gruffalo childrens bedding

Gruffalo canopy for raised bed

Gruffalo canopy for raised bed
Gruffalo canopy for a great fun hide out in your own bedroom!!

Gruffalo bedroom in a box, FREE DELIVERY

Gruffalo bedroom in a box, FREE DELIVERY
Gruffalo bedroom .. everything you need to get started!

Gruffalo single duvet set

Gruffalo single duvet set
Gruffalo duvet set, a great new range of children's bedding.

Gruffalo curtains

Gruffalo curtains
Gruffalo curtains for your child's bedroom - a fantastic new range!

Gruffalo cushions

Gruffalo cushions
Gruffalo cushions for a fun Gruffalo finishing touch.

Gruffalo finger puppets

Gruffalo finger puppets
Gruffalo's Child finger puppets - a best toy for 3 year olds!

Gruffalo Soft Toy 16 ''

Gruffalo Soft Toy 16 ''
Gruffalo Toy for a fun Gruffalo finishing touch. 16'' version

Gruffalo Soft Toy 9 ''

Gruffalo Soft Toy 9 ''
Gruffalo Toy for a fun Gruffalo finishing touch. 9 '' version

Gruffalo Mouse 16 ''

Gruffalo Mouse 16 ''
Gruffalo Mouse for a fun Gruffalo finishing touch. 16 '' version

Gruffalo Mouse 9 ''

Gruffalo Mouse 9 ''
Gruffalo Mouse for a fun Gruffalo finishing touch. 9 '' version

Gruffalo children's bedding with a kids duvet set and curtains from Izziwotnot

Gruffalo children's bedding with a kids duvet set and curtains from Izziwotnot

Gurffalo children's bedding range - now in stock!! A great fun and enchanting design for a childs bedroom featuring the much loved Gruffalo and his friends. This range of kids bedding creates a perfect bedroom for both fun and sleep.

Gruffalo bedroom and single duvet set - now in stock!!
Gruffalo childrens duvet set - now in stock!!
Gruffalo curtains - a great fun set of curtains
Gruffalo canopy for raised bed - a perfect bedroom hideout!
Gruffalo cushions - the finishing touches for those that adore the Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo children's bedding range from Izziwotnot offers a great choice for both boys and girls alike.

The Gruffalo - all about

Gruffalo Children's Bedding

I wonder if you remember the Gruffalo story from your childhood ? Well at we now stock the Gruffalo children's bedding and it is simply fantastic if you are looking to kit out your child's room with a fun character who is well known.

This nursery fairytale character at first glance looks a little scary but the closer you look you realize that there is nothing scary here at all. The story is actually based on an old Chinese folk tale that has been adapted slightly. The original Chinese story involved a fox and he borrowed the terror of a tiger.

The story surrounds a mouse, his walk through a forest and then how he used his knowledge to evade danger. While he is walking through the forest minding his own business, he comes across various forest based animals, namely:

- A Fox
- An Owl
- A Snake

Each forest animal is interested in eating the mouse, and tries to convince him to come back to their house for something to eat. Clearly the forest animals are thinking about eating the mouse itself rather than actually enjoying a meal together ! Cleverly and wisely, the mouse declines the various offers with excuses. He further enforces his reasoning of declining the offer in that he is actually on his way to attend a meal with his friend, The Grufallo. By coincidence, when the mouse is talking to the fox, the Grufallo favorite meal happens to be a fox. When talking to the Owl, he drops in that his friend the Grufallo, happens to really enjoy eating Owls ! Finally when talking to the Snake, likewise, the Grufallo who's house he is on his way to, happens to enjoy nothing better than a snake for a meal.

The clever mouse goes on to describe the features of the Gruffalo to the Fox, Owl and Snake. Telling them of his 'monstrous' features and appearance that was very scary in order to further concern his enquirers. The forest animals who were interested in consuming the little old mouse, loose interest rather quickly. The mouse then goes onto gloat to himself as he has successfully convinced the three animals of monster that does not exist in reality.

The famous and well know lines being

'Silly old fox, doesn't he know? there's no such thing as a gruffalo!
'Silly old owl, doesn't he know? there's no such thing as a gruffalo!
'Silly old snake, doesn't he know? there's no such thing as a gruffalo!

Of course the story then unfolds further and he then encounters a real Gruffalo, bearlike and hideous is the description, and with all the frightening features the mouse thought that he was making up. The Gruffalo was there, standing in front of him and wanting to eat the mouse.

'Terrible Tusks and Terrible Jaws '

The quick thinking mouse thinks on his feet and then goes on to convince the new danger, i.e. the Gruffalo that he (the Mouse) was in fact the scariest animal in the forest. The Gruffalo doesn't really buy this, and the mouse then goes onto further demonstrate this. The mouse and the Gruffalo go on to visit the three forest animals that the mouse had encounter earlier…..that is the Fox, Owl and Snake.

This time, however, seeing the mouse again but with the Gruffalo, these three animals are naturally terrified and run off. The Gruffalo clearly sees these animals are afraid and become impressed with this mouse….maybe he is telling the truth ?

The clever mouse then goes onto take advantage of the situation with the Grufallo and threatens to eat the Gruffalo…..who having seen the response of the Fox, Owl and Snake earlier, decides to runs off himself.

'Terrible Tusks and Terrible Jaws '

This well known story is actually based on an old traditional Chinese folk tale. The story is slightly different in that a fox borrows the terror of a tiger. The Gruffalo brand doesn't stop there, there are Gruffalo Books (Four million copies and translated in thirty languages) , Gruffalo Plays and Theater productions, Gruffalo toys, Gruffalo cartoons…..the Grufallo list goes on and is an international success.

As part of the BBC Christmas 2009 season (a UK television broadcaster) an animated film based on the classic children's picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler was shown. I was hoping to post a link to the IPlayer but it's not available anymore unfortunately. As of 2009, the Gruffalo was in fact celebrating its tenth birthday and I'm sure will be here for many years to come bringing a great children's story to life.

In fact, a recent poll by the Telegraph performed (a well respected UK newspaper) reported recently that the Gruffalo came second in the poll, with eighteen per cent of children saying the forest-dwelling monster is their favourite character to read about. Interestingly, the survey went on to suggest that reading about animal characters (such as the Gruffalo) could help children's emotional development, with ninety two per cent of parents saying that the cartoon creations had helped their children understand the complex world of human feelings. Animals and the natural world were the favourite reading subject for half of children, rising to 64 per cent amongst girls, according to the online survey of 1,500 British parents with children aged four to 11 years old.

The book has sold more than four million copies and has been translated into 30 languages.

The Gruffalo baby bedding set will be available at and the range will be similar to our other quality children's bedding ranges. The Gruffalo range will have a single duvet set, curtains, bunk bed curtains and cushions, all available online at is a leading online nursery and children's bedding retailer, located in the UK and shipping worldwide. Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be more that happy to talk to you about Gruffalo bedding or any other type of bedding. | CHILDRENS BEDDING |  Gruffalo childrens bedding

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